Milano Coffee Wins Gold!

May 28, 2013
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Our La Futura espresso blend was awarded the 2012 Medaglia D'Oro by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters. For two days in Brescia, Italy a panel of 26 judges assessed coffees from 13 different countries. We're honored to be recognized for espresso excellence by this highly respected organization.

La Futura is a 10 bean blend with luscious body, toffee, spice, floral notes, and a full spectrum finish. Stop by one of our locations to taste this gold medal winner. We've always known our coffee to be as good as gold, now the rest of the world does too. Grazie!



Italian Smalian Campaign

Aug 01, 2012
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Okay Coffee Lovers, here it is, our new Italian Smalian campaign is out in the Roastery.  Come in everyday for your latest quote, Informative article or just a funny tidbit of information you thought you already knew about Coffee but were afraid to ask!

Gastown Location Now Open

Aug 01, 2012
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Visit our newest location at 36 Powell Street in Gastown, featuring our signature espresso tasting bar where you can sample eight different espresso blends on tap!




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